Proprietary State Modeling™

Key2Options Proprietary State Modeling™ Extreme Bullish

As a member of Key2Options, you have access to our Proprietary State Modeling™ system, which is designed using advanced mathematics and Finite State Modeling.
What is Finite State Modeling?
At any given point in time, each stock or index is categorized into one of eight States, where:
  •   States 1, 3, 5, and 7 are bullish
  •   States 2, 4, 6, and 8 are bearish
  •   States 1 and 8 are at the extremes

Stocks will stay in a given State before transitioning to another state. Stocks and indexes can move to any state from any State, but historically have quantifiable probabilities of movement.

Using historical data, the Key2Options Proprietary State Modeling™ algorithm provides detailed analysis about what State a stock or index is in, with information on the average number of days that stock or index stays in that particular State.

It also gives you the average % move (both positive and negative) of the stock/index in each State, as well as the probability of which State it will move into next. Equipped with this data, a trader can then design and implement a trading strategy to take advantage of the time and price movement, and a plan can be formulated with confidence. Strategies can be backtested and, based on the traders risk reward profile, implemented to achieve the desired risk reward objective. Once the trader has entered into the trade, adjustments to the position can be made based on projections of the Proprietary State Modeling™ to further enhance returns.
Key2Options Proprietary State Modeling™ Extreme Bearish

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