Learn Options Trading Techniques with the K2O Platform

Welcome to the Key2Option options trading education page. Whether you’re new to stock and options trading or you are a seasoned professional, Key2Options can make you a better trader. With Key2Options you can create a trading plan, vette it, and trade it right from the Key2Options platform. Through our partnership with Tradier Brokerage, you can now trade commission free as a Key2Options member right from our platform. Stay informed on the markets by reviewing educational videos, eBooks, articles and daily blog updates on what is happening in the market today.

In our video section, you will find information on how to use the Key2Options platform. There are also different options trading videos on options strategies. Go to our eBooks page to read publications written by our Option Strategist. Here you will learn different strategies using the Key2Options program. Head to our Articles page to read articles related to stock, options and systematic trading. Finally, Check out our Blog to find out what to do in the markets today!


Key2Options has produced a collection of instructional options trading videos that cover a variety topics, from basic subjects such as trading calls and puts, and creating a new portfolio—to techniques to build quant models and options back testing strategies. This educational library is an ever-growing compendium of successful trading methodologies.


Key2Options, with its innovative trading strategy formulation and analysis tools, is just one part of the equation. Continuing to learn and understand the factors in the market through educational media is a very important part of the road to success. We offer an ever-growing number of popular and effective e-books on multiple subjects with this goal in mind.


Key2Options offers in-depth knowledge on several specific topics with its Articles collection. These include Black Swans, Portfolio Hedging, and high-level strategy topics pertaining to optimal investment protection in a down market, basic trading positions, and a special article that relates to when to focus on buying or selling.


Mike McNellis, our senior in-house trading analyst, now publishes a blog with up-to-the-minute information and tips over three times a week to help you be a more successful Options trader. Included are international market index statistics, S&P data, Daily Options Market Summary, plus the Economics Calendar for the day.

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