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We eliminate the need to be an expert in C++, Python or MATLAB computer programming. For traders looking to take emotion out of their trading, look no further. Key2Options has brought algorithmic trading to the retail trader. Create a trading plan, then trade your plan knowing you have back tested your strategy with your buy and sell signals as well as your set of risk management rules.

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Key2Options - Online Options Trading Webinars


Join the Key2Options staff for one of our option trading webinars as they discuss various options strategies including how to build quantitative models for backtesting.

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Sign up for one of the Key2Options Trading Seminars and meet the team in person to learn the benefits of the fastest automated backtested options platform.

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Trade Shows

Check for Key2Options at an upcoming Stock Market Trade Show. Learn how to create a quantitative trading model, backtest it and trade right from the Key2Options platform.

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Past Events

Check out previous event for the Key2Options team. With Key2Options you can create quantitative trading models, backtest, and trade directly from the Key2Options platform.

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